Hold On Family Hands

by Family Shiloh

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For the family's first album, recording took place throughout the home, in small bathrooms, smaller closets, between homework assignments, with family dog barks, crying, laughing, and creaky chairs scattered across the background of the music. The haphazard approach reflected the tapestry of life in a big family, where there's nary a dull moment, but there's always the need to join together in celebration of said family, real love and faith. Every sound on the album was performed or otherwise made by Family Shiloh, whether banging on a suitcase, or snapping tired fingers, to convey our own little harmony.

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released March 6, 2017

All songs written by Family Shiloh, Copyright 2017, Homebody Luke Music, A C-Side Records Release.



all rights reserved


Family Shiloh Texas

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Track Name: Lily White for Women
float me in the water, fly me o'er the land
may anywhere i go find me holding to your hand
it's not that i am frail but when your near
i know you cannot fail
to cover me in sunshine, to cover me in sand
but anyway i'm covered i'll be happy in your hand
so cover me when i've fallen, cover me when i'm a failure
maybe one day you'll rub off to find my love pure

and free you from the heartaches and fly with you to heav'n
maybe if your free sometime to hold on to my hand
its not that we would care, its just to let you know
i think you helped me out to get there
even if i don't know you or recall all the years
i know that we'll be happy to wipe away the tears
and wear a lovely suit and sing around the stand
but just for now, i'll hold on to your hand
Track Name: Sunshine in my Soul
Oh there's a sunshine in my soul,
And if I ere give it away,
Then I would cry a million tears,
And that is why my sunshine stays!

Oh there's a savior in my soul,
Whose fathers face was hid from me,
Till dying on the bitter tree,
He tore the darkened vail away!

There’s a friend who walks with me,
And he will guide us through the night,
There is no question what will come,
But all his loves eternal light!
Track Name: Shepherd's Robe
Give me useful information
I have no dimes so collect call
They all think i live in austin
But i live no place at all
But o, in the shepherd's robe

Operator i need water
For i tell whats in my soul
Twas a lamb slain at the altar
I need his blood against my wall
O, in the shepherd's robe

Shepherd's robe in gypsy cloth
It was this she came across
When she reached out for the hem
That blood never flowed again
Shepherd's robe they took it off
For a scarlet robe and cross
But he put it on again
Patch me on to him
Patch me on to him

Everyday, its the same ol' situation
But there's a higher station thru that door,
Every way I turn for compassion
To love more, to love more

Operator please talk for me
If its words that I should say
Way back then they needn't worry
Ease my worry, Lord, I pray

Shepherd's robe in gypsy cloth
I was there when it came off
When they reached out to the hem
Now I know what all that meant
Shepherds robe, they took it off
For a scarlet robe and cross
But he put it on again
Patch me on to him
Patch me on to him
Track Name: Come, Little Children
All my little children this is a call to come home
Come home from the hurt and the harm and the lies, come home
Come home from the wounds and the wars and the scars, come home
Come home, little children, you've gone so far, so come home
All of the time I'm right behind where you are, turn around
I took on nails in my hands and my feet, so come home
I'm drawing you now with a love so sweet so come home
They covered my head with a crown of thorns so come home
How often I wanted in my arms to carry you home

Come little children
Now is the day
My little children
Why do you wait?
peace little children
Now you are safe... now you are safe

I dressed you up in silver and gold at home
All of my love became old to you so you left home
You shared your love under foreign sheets far from home
You spread your fountains out on the streets far from home
Your lovers enslaved you and took you away from your home
They wanted to sell you but nobody wanted used up you
When I walked by I was on my way back home
For the highest price I bought you back to come home
The price I paid was my own lifeblood so come home
Track Name: More in Love
I'm in love with the air around your hair
I'm in love with the skies above your eyes
I love many things, yes, this is true,
But darling, I'm more in love with you

I'm in love with the space around your face
I'm in love with the mile around your smile
I love all you touch or come close to
But darling, I'm more in love with you

I know many men that would love to hold you
But I don't know if I have ever told you
These other men may love you sure,But that don't mean they love you more,
Cause darling, I am more in love with you

I'm in love with the thought of a wedding day
And settlin' down with kids, but mother may
I tell you something simple but it's true
O darling, I'm more in love with you
Track Name: Good Music
when i’m sitting down
or just kind of walking around
i think, ah, but therefore, I am
well, what kind of faith is that?

if there exists a small doubt
about me unworthy of you
still your heart is good and true
so be still and know God

well, i like good music
i believe God gave it
if I’d the harp of David
i’d to my best to play it

heaven's comfort came to us
in unexpected ways and thus
He’s here to stay for us
what a pleasant thought!

so, kids, what am i doing?
too old for shoulder bearin'
you're gonna need good rearin'
to be what you ought

well, i like life’s music
I believe God’ll use it
to make it work out beautifully
like a symphony

well, i like good harmony
i believe God gave it to you and me
goin' together like a growing tree
the way it oughta be
Track Name: All Around Me
in the meadow, the wind, like your Spirit, it moved
I don't see it, but I know that it's there
I feel it around me, I'm so glad you that you found me
in the meadow I know that you're there

at the ocean, the waves, like your power, come down
I respect it, with reverential fear
Though your waves would o'ertake me, if I had no regard
for the ocean's creator, You're there

In the tall wooded forests, majestic with life
the birds sing a song in the air
And I'm gonna sing with them, to the King of Creation
in the forest, I know that you're there

On the mountainside tall, I look down on it all
But that spaciousness doesn't compare
To the size of your grace, overflowing this place
On the mountain, I know that you're there

In the closet, at night, when I turn out the light
I can talk and you can hear my prayer
What I don't know to say, your Spirit translates
In the closet, I know that you're there

In a dark lonely place, when I abuse your grace
And in shame I shed many a tear
When the sin has enticed, your grace will suffice
In repentance, I know that you're there

And finally at death, when I take my last breath
The cold ground my body will bear
But I've been clothed anew with a dwelling from you
In the end, Lord, I know that you're there
Track Name: Raise Your Voice
You are Lord of lords
you are very happy
so happy and free
from everything that is evil

You were once a child
you served, you taught
and you cared for
you cared for the lame
the blind and the dead
the forsaken

Praise the Lord
Praise the Lord
for the Lord is here
And His Spirit near
no more fear
I'll walk in joy
with happiness
with happiness
Praise the Lord

Once I was lost
once I was hungry
so hungry for love
that comes from above
from your holy hill

You were all alone
betrayed and scorned
and laughed at
but you knew the God
the God of love up in heaven

Then you died on the tree
bitter pain and agony
but you rose again
and saved the dead
from their sin
their sin

Praise the Lord
Praise the Lord
for the Lord is here
And His Spirit near
no more fear
I'll walk in joy
with happiness
with happiness
Praise the Lord

Now I live with you
for eternity
I'll sing your praise
and your grace forever

forever and ever amen
forever and ever amen
Track Name: I'll Make War for You
I'm happy just thinking about you

and the life that we have shared for a while

every day we are together, it gets better and better

my hearts frozen like a fetter to your smile

And just like the first day we met dear

When you showed me all the colors in your eyes

I've been watching your love flowin' like the river breeze a' blowin'

I need a dam to keep it in and bright blue skies

And I will give to you

What you want me to

If it grows in the garden

Then for you I'd pick the fruit

I would like to see, all the selfishness in me

Go away, and with you I'd like to stay

I've never claimed to be near perfection

And certainly you see just what I am

But I'm trying to be honest and honestly I love you

and I'll honestly keep on the best I can

Your hair is like the willows near the water

Softer than the sunrise is your skin

Your certainly a keeper but your love goes much deeper

I've seen your boldest beauty lies within

I'll sing songs for you

How you want me to

If it somewhere on the scale

Then for you I'd sing the tune

I would like to see, all the selfishness in me

Go away, and with you I'd like to stay

If I've ever wandered please forgive me

I've drifted very far from your shore

The trap doors strongly trip me up, but when I drink

your loving cup, your anchor strongly pulls me back much more

I've invented words to help me listen

to act like swords against the slaying sounds

of the temptresses and tyrants

who rob our love like pirates

and who make us both forget the love we found

I'll make war for you

if i need to

If it comes near our hearts

then I'll cut it at it roots

I would like to see, all the selfishness in me

go away, and with you i'd like to stay
Track Name: Return to the Red River Valley
Why all this commotion?
Can't you see that the world's still in motion?
Don't you know that God's love's like an ocean
for every one of His little children?

From this valley I see you are leaving
I will miss your brown eyes and sweet smile
for they say you are taking the sunshine of
the cowboy who loved you a while

The cowboy that loved you completely
the cowboy that tried to be true
the cowboy that can't understand where you're going
until i leave this valley too

Why all this contention?
What all this fighting in the name of religion?
It wasn't God, it was man's sad invention
who've forgotten what it's like to be children

I can't go around with a gun on my tongue
not expecting the rounds to deflect
the blood on all our hands is the same
in the Red River Valley it reflects